VMware Mirage Fundamentals [V5.X] Free Elearning from Vmware

Vmware has now added VMware Mirage Fundamentals [V5.X] to FREE eLearning library.

This self-paced eLearning course provides an overview of the key concepts of VMware Mirage, its components and architecture, the installation and configuration process, the key business challenges that VMware Mirage will solve, and the administrator and end-user tasks that can be performed in Mirage. It also presents use cases that will help you understand how VMware Mirage aligns with customer needs.


Course Modules:

  • Introduction to VMware Mirage
  • Install and Configure VMware Mirage
  • Key Business Challenges and Solutions
  • Administrator and End User Tasks
  • Use Cases

To get the most out of VMware Mirage Fundamentals [V5.X], it is recommended that learners complete the following prerequisite course:

  • Workforce Mobility Fundamentals – This FREE VMware Certified Associate course on Workforce Mobility Fundamentals provides a fundamental understanding of VMware Workforce Mobility products

See the full course description for VMware Mirage Fundamentals and sign up here.

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